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Project Management

Ensuring a project  runs smoothly, is delivered on time and within budget is vital to any well run business. Throughout my career I have been project or co-project manager on a number of  IT related projects that have achieved this.

I can offer an IT Project Management service based on the following process –

  • Requirements gathering –  allows me to identify the technical and application elements to ensure all customer requirements are fully covered.
  • Detailed System Specification – once the requirements have been gathered this process allows for the identification of all technical aspects of the project.
  • Project Plan – is used to highlight important milestones throughout the project’s lifecyle.
  • Regular Communication – I feel this is one of the most important aspects of any project. Regular meetings will be held with the customer to gather feedback and to keep them informed of the project’s progress.

It is important to remember that each project is unique so these processes just represent the core framework and could well be changed if needed.